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Almost every dental office claims to provide the utmost quality of care to their patients. And have the most professional yet caring staff on board. But the truth is – these claims cannot really captivate the patients with dental anxiety and fear towards your practice.

An estimated 130 million people in the US report having some level of dental fear and anxiety. They are lot feared by the procedures and treatments. That they prefer bearing extreme pain conditions compared to getting their dental problems treated. While this is something of great concern for the dental health ministry. It also tends to pose major threats to your dental practice – leading to a possible downfall.

Considering the increasing trends of negligence towards dental healthcare and the rising fear and anxiety from dental practices, many practitioners and clinics have started to acknowledge dental fear as a significant intervention. Most of them claim to provide ‘comfortable dentistry’ or ‘pain-free dental services,’ etc. However, there hasn’t been much progress made with these claims. Patients with dental fears and anxiety certainly have stronger grounds, and they don’t trust your claims.

Patients with dental fear and anxiety don’t trust the dental practitioners and clinics or their claims. They’re afraid of the embarrassment they might face, of being hurt by the treatment, and so on. And as much as these fears seem irrational, they’re equally strong and predisposed inside these patients. Research suggests that some patients may also have been genetically predisposed to the fear of dentistry.

Wondering how to captivate these patients with all these obstacles on the way? We’ve put together the best ways you can captivate patients’ dental anxiety and fears towards your practice in this blog post!

Best Ways To Captivate Patients With Dental Anxiety and Fears Towards Your Practice

Dive in to burst your curiosity!

Don’t Just Make The Claims; Showcase Your Best Side


Since the fearful patients don’t believe in your words and those of your staff, you have to come up with someone they can trust. And who could be a better representative of your incredible dental services than your patients?

So, take your patients into trust, build a strong relationship with them by providing quality dental care, and make them your spokesperson in front of patients with dental anxiety and fear. You can ask you’re satisfied patients to share reviews about their comfortable experiences and painless treatments, and boom – that’s how you’d be able to showcase your claims in real.

Make Sure Your Patients Share Comforting Experiences With Others

Since all the patients coming to your clinic and getting treated are the spokespersons for what you do and how you do that in front of potential patients with dental anxiety and fears, they must be sharing comforting experiences.

To ensure each of your patients talks about your practice positively and plays a role in captivating the feared patients towards your practice, you must ensure providing them with quality dental care and an environment they’d love to refer others to.

Convince Your Potential Patients By Creating Awareness

smiling-dentist-examining-patients-report-and Convincing Patients By Creating Awareness

A major reason most people feel dental anxiety or fear is that they don’t know about the dental procedures in detail. They are unknown to what’s exactly going to happen as they schedule a wisdom tooth extraction, a regular deep cleaning session, etc., and that’s why they fear making the appointments.

The best way to captivate such patients is to spread awareness about dental treatments and procedures. You can explain via social channels how comfortable these processes are and the great benefits they offer in turn. Making this information easily accessible can really help diminish the fear and anxiety in the minds of such patients. Since you’re a source of this information, they probably will reach out to your dental services very soon.

Avoid Sending Co-Payment Surprises; Keep Your Patients Informed

A very common reason which annoys most patients of a dental clinic or practitioner is the co-payment surprises. It can offend your patients to a great extent, and they might end up reviewing your practice negatively among your potential prospects.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to inform each patient about their co-payments (if there are any) in advance and begin with the treatment only after their approval. This requires timely dental insurance verification and development of eligibility records – quite a hectic process to be rightly managed. But you can always get that sorted by hiring a professional dental billing company. They can help you get your patients’ eligibility verified before their appointment so that they can be informed about the co-payments (if there are any). This would prevent your patients from spreading negative reviews – leading to growth and expansion in your practice, for you’d also be able to captivate patients with dental fear and anxiety.

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